Vlog #13 – Heavy Rock and Tiny House - Colorado Camping Cabins

Vlog #13 – Heavy Rock and Tiny House

no school today, I'm freaking happy.

I'm waiting for friend to come over and we're going to go at his Jam pad; it's been such a long time to set since I've played with someone else, I'm super excited.

And then after.

after the Jam i want to, i have to come back here and do homeworks because I've been slacking on homework lately.

he's on his way and I have to pack my stuff that was the name of my old band; We The Island Birds, which sadly does not exist Just loud enough I usually never cook because Julien cooks better than I do because I want it to be super hot because I'm going to Sauté the cabbage Then you wait like.

a couple seconds When it's hot enough You see this is hot enough Steph: You spit in the.

Yep [mumbling] You're not the only one that's gonna be building it by the way I know But what would you do without me? What would you do without me? I'd live in a small school bus But mine's gonna be prettier But mine would be easier to transport Fine! Tao *Mouth noises* No, we don't have nuts that would have been good Two tasty, tasty, great meals Whatcha doin' today In this part of the video We wanted to make an announcement So yeah, we're gonna be building our tiny house we're going to do it all by ourselves well, not all by ourselves; with my father is going to help us i think i'm going to just bring, maybe, my younger brother in the project just once in awhile why are we building tiny house? We're building a tiny house because we've basically been living in a super small apartment for the past four years We know we don't need much space Our tiny house is going to be about about two-thirds of what we have right now basically what we're going to do is place or and sound system are for a smaller for what we have mixing speakers for what we have in our bedroom you're going through so much details I know, right Anyway, so.

Yeah We're going to (build) a tiny house the reason is mainly because we live in this small apartment already well, it's super expensive but we don't have enough money to be able to travel or invest Why're you making noise? So we don't have time or the money to invest in our personal projects and we found that the only way that would be able to invest in our ourselves in a certain way is to build a tiny house yeah, on wheel yeah it's going to be a lot cheaper in the sense that we won't have to pay rent anymore and what we're going to be building is gonna be our's versus like renting an apartment and we For us it's impossible to buy anything around where we live In Montreal we would have kind of pre-made apartment like modern, very suburban and they're cheap like you're not getting the quality we will have in our tiny house for I think we'll be able to make it this project with a budget of around thirty thousand dollar it's a lot but it's not much considering we will be living in that place for years so what we're planning on doing with that youtube channel is to show you the the process of making a tiny house we don't want the channel to be only about tiny house.

What do we want to do is just like do a vlog while we do our tiny-house also, we didn't find any vlogs or peoples that really belt.

built any tiny house in the cold weather like in Montreal the temperature's really really intense like in summer could go up to 40 degrees Celsius during the wintertime is the exact opposite so if minus 40 degrees you have to have like a tiny have that is well-insulated for the warm temperature and the cold temperature yeah all we have right now is a really rough sketch of what, what, what the inside of her trailer is going to be like northern luxury thomas harris on me [this auto caption fail was too funny to edit] I have your nose, look a nail's growing on your nose Anyways.

So, on this channel what we're planning on doing is showing you like all or the process we're gonna try to make it interesting I guess don't want this channel to be only tiny house based.

It's gonna be us It's a Vlog, basically about everything and us in our future tiny house and our cats Do you wanna say hi to the camera? no doesn't give a flying fuck Oh to hell look look at the camera Say bye bye bye bye Tao, look.

Say bye bye D'you still like me? Nope? anyway so yeah so one where you going yeah yeah leave a comment or a thumb up if you liked video and hope you guys subscribe and see the evolution of our live in our own future tiny house thank you bye-bye bye-bye good job did you mess up again what you put beer everywhere are you drunk no imagery nope humid i have hair my hair my hair my my.