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Tiny House Tour: MINIstry Of Magic Tiny House | Poletti Twins

ALEXA: Hey everybody! I'm Alexa.

GENNA: And I'm Genna and welcome to our channel! Today we are going to tour my tiny house! I can't wait to show you guys.

So come on in.

Welcome to the MINIstry Of Magic Tiny House.

I've been obsessed with tiny houses for areally long time.

I follow lots of blogs and tiny houses onInstagram.

So I took pieces from all of my favorite tinyhouses and mashed them all together into my perfect custom tiny house.

One of the biggest obstacles, obviously, with a tiny house is storage.

People don't know where to put all their bigstuff.

There's your answer! You have access here under the cushions and it's all hollowed out in there so all of that is just storing all the bigstuff that I don't want anyone to see.

Like suitcases, sewing machines, big huge blankets, stuff like that.

It's all in the couch.

Other important thing I wanted with my couch was to have it long enough that you can sleep on it.

So, I made it long enough that if I had aguest or something, somebody would have somewhereto sleep.

Lots of tiny houses have nicknames.

I don't know why, it's just a thing.

So, I asked everybody on Instagram "What should I name my house?" And my absolute favorite answer was MINIstry Of Magic Tiny House.

Everyone knows that me and Alexa love HarryPotter.

My best friend, Britni, got me this Harry Potter flash.

Most of my wall space is taken up with windows.

So there is not a lot of room for art.

But, I had to have this in here because it'sjust the perfect piece for me and my house.

ALEXA: You're, like, looking lovingly at itover your shoulder.

GENNA: So, probably the number one most important thing on my list.

I have to have a bathtub! And not many tiny houses do have a bathtub and if they do they are really small, like, little squatty bathtubs.

I don't know why.

ALEXA: What is this leg thing? Squatty legs! GENNA: Scrub, scrub, scrub.

ALEXA: Looks comfortable.

GENNA: NO! So, come on in.

Bathtub! Slightly smaller than a regular bathtub but by all means big enough to take a bath with heels on if you want too.

ALEXA: Why would you ever? GENNA: I don't know! I'm just saying you can! Okay! So, lets move on.

Also, I have a combo washer and dryer.

I don't have to switch it.

I don't have to do anything.

It just magically does it all on its own.


IKEA makes this small sink which is greatfor tight spaces.

And I haven't felt that I don't have enoughroom like, at all.

So, my builder asked me if I wanted a slidingbarn door in my house and I said "Of course!".

I love them and I think they're really cute.

So, we have one right here to the bathroom.

ALEXA: HI! GENNA: And a place to hide my mirror.

This is my ladder.

I love this ladder because the way they designed it, it can also go up on these hooks.

And be completely out of the way and you can have room for dancing.

So, then you just take it back down and ithas these hooks on the top that hook onto that little ledge so that it doesn't move around and it's reallyextra safe.

So, one of my concerns about moving into thetiny house was "How am I going to downsize my closet?".

As you can see, I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes, and makeup, and hair stuff.

And I just didn't want to get rid of it.

So, I decided to make my second loft intoa closet area so that I would have a place for all my stuff.

ALEXA: And the clothes that she did get ridof, she gave to me.

So, I win! So which one of these is your favorite shoe? GENNA: Umm.

Probably these ones.

These were, like, my Edward Scissorhands shoes that I got at a Sak's outlet.

And I just love them because they're so weird.

I also really love these gold shoes just because they're so ridiculous.

ALEXA: They're so cute.

GENNA: They are really cute.

This is my hair and makeup area where I get ready in the mornings.

And it has this window so it has all thisgreat natural lighting and I just love hanging out in thisspace.

I, I just love it.

ALEXA: It's her happy place.

GENNA: It is my happy place.

This is my favorite part of my house.

ALEXA: Hey, hi, hey! GENNA: Hi, hello! Ah! Don't touch my hat! ALEXA: Down we go! GENNA: So, if any of you guys have seen Alexa and I's vlog on her main channel of our tour of the Music City Tiny House in Nashville, a lot of this design is inspired by that house.

The one thing that was missing for us wasa table.

So, when I was designing my house, I madesure to have a table included.

This works as a table, or a workspace, or an extended counter for the kitchen if I'm cooking a feast for all of my friends.

ALEXA: In your tiny house.

GENNA: In my tiny house.

ALEXA: Feast for one! Don't lie, don't lie.

GENNA: Feast for one.

I also have this great little stool here that is, like, the perfect size for this area.

Works really well.

It's a great height for this desk.

And it also doubles as a footrest for ultimate chillin'.

ALEXA: Ultimate chillin'! There is a TV up here, by the way.

GENNA: So, I've got this TV up here which is great because it moves.

So it can swivel from that loft over there to this loft and back down.

Gotta have it.

My stairs have tons of build in space to hold all sorts of stuff.

All of these shelves go all the way back tothe other side.

So, I have an apartment sized refrigeratorwhich is more than enough space for me and has worked out really great.

All of my cabinets and things are from IKEA.

Pretty much everything in my house is fromIKEA or Target because those are my favorite places.

It was really important to me to have anoven and a stove because I like to cook.

I didn't want to lose that.

ALEXA: This is how we cook.

Ha! GENNA: Whatchu making? ALEXA: Um, just a snack.

GENNA: Thank you.

So, my favorite part of my kitchen is thishanging rack for all my dishes and things that I got atWorld Market.

You can take off all the different piecesand jumble it around.

You can customize it however you want.

I think it's really cute and it's a greatway to store all your dishes without having to have bulky cabinets and lots of shelves and stuff like that.

So, these are my little trinkets that I'vecollected from traveling over the years.

So, this is from Moscow in Russia.

This is a pepper shaker from Target.

It is not from traveling.

ALEXA: Your grand adventures.


GENNA: This is also from Target.

This is my salt shaker.

It's a little T-Rex with a gold bow tie.

Not from traveling.

ALEXA: Everything else though.

All the rest.

GENNA: This guy is from Thailand.

My little elephant.

This incense burner is from Bali.

So, this is a part of a building from St.

Petersburg in Russia.

It was already on the ground.

I didn't break it.

Don't tell anyone I have it.

This is a little troll from Sweden.

This is a little troll from North Carolina.

This is obviously from Paris.

This is garlic from the Farmer's Market.

ALEXA: Gotta keep those vampires outta here,yeah? GENNA: This is a little motorcycle that Alexabrought me from Aruba.

So, these shelves were not in the originaldesign but my builder suggested them and I'm so gladthey did because I love having this extra space for, ya know, additional coffee cups or travelmugs or all that kind of stuff.

HAL: slurp, slurp, slurp.

GENNA: Alright, lets go upstairs! So, I wanted to have a king size bed in mytiny house.

So, here we have it.

It's huge and it takes up half my house but we had it built into the design so it is not a problem at all.

When I was envisioning my house before I built it, I always envisioned having this! ALEXA: Aww, they look so pretty! GENNA: I first saw these in Kandee Johnson'shouse tour and I just thought they were so cute.

So, ever since then, I've always wanted tohave them in my room.

ALEXA: It makes this space so cozy.

GENNA: It's so cute, right? ALEXA: I'm coming in! GENNA: WAKE UP! ALEXA: So, this is where we are usually hangingout.

This is where our snap stories always are because we're sleepy all the time and we just like to watch TV in bed.

THAT'S IT! Tour over.

Thank you so much for sharing your house with the internet today.

GENNA: It was my pleasure.

It started out as a bunch of sketches and now it's a house that I actually live in.

It was really fun for me to show it to youguys.

ALEXA: So, we hope you like the tour.

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GENNA: And if you want to see any picturesof the house it's under the hashtag #MINIstryOfMagicTinyHouse on Instagram.

That's where I'll post any pictures if I changeanything or do any updates.

I'll have them under that hashtag.

ALEXA: So, that's it! Thank you guys so much for watching! We'll see you next time! Bye! GENNA: Bye! ALEXA: Hi! Oh, hi! Oh, hi! GENNA: Tiny house dog! ALEXA: Tiny house dog with the tiny legs! Wait, hey, don't lick my camera! And, just so you know, we're going to be doing a tiny house Q&A to answer all your questionsabout tiny living and the building process and all that kind of stuff.

So if you have any questions, send them ourway.

Okay, we'll see you next time! Bye!.