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Tiny House Tour | Kin Community

– Hey, come on in.

A lot of you guys have been asking to see more of my home.

So, today, I'm gonna showyou that you can pack a lot of stuff into 975 square feet, and still make it look great.

When you walk in, the first thing you see is my gallery wall.

My favorite thing is when people walk in, they're so shocked, becausemy house feels really big on Instagram and it's not really that big, it's all about how you style it, and with my gallerywall it has personality, it makes the space feel larger, and it's a conversation piece.

I have a really great old console that I got from my grandparents.

I was pretty lucky with that, I love a good hand-me-down, and I think it's a reallyfun way to repurpose things.

It's older, I made it a little more modern with some gold lamps that my old boss was gonna get rid of.

I took them, and made ita more modern fun piece that's a little more me,a little less mid-century.

When I moved in, my dogs loved barking at everything that walked by, and they would jump onthe window all the time, so I needed a solutionto get them to stop, and also provide me with storage.

So, I did some really easy DIY shelves, a piece of wood, a couple of L brackets, and there I have it.

I'm a collector, I like to call it anorganized chaotic mess, a bunch of random thrift store finds, some candle sticks that I got for $5, and they're brass and I love them.

I have baskets to hide thereal-life things like dog toys and still make it look clean in the house.

Sometimes, the dogs knockthings off the shelves and they break, and that's okay, 'cause that's life.

My chandelier was in abox in a friend's garage, it was dirty, and itwas broken and dented.

I saw that there was potential there, I brought it to a lightingguy, and he cleaned it up, fixed it, and it's one of myfavorite pieces in the house and it adds so much personality, and I spent like $15 on it.

Honestly you guys, 75% of thethings in my house, trash.

I just think with a littlelove and a little cleaning up and mixing it with new pieces, you can make anything lookgreat and not look junky.

I also have a lot ofquestions about my sofa.

I wanted a sofa that was my style, and it was also comfortable, it could sleep someone if I had company.

I had a friend of mine whobuilds furniture for me make it.

All it is, simple woodenpiece, some metal legs.

I made a cushion, addedsome leather straps and then threw pillows all over it.

I don't always like stylisticallythe comfortable things, so it's really fun when I canmake comfort and design work.

Next, we have my dining room, which is kind of acontinuation of the living room because again, small house.

I had some leftover counter topwhen I remodeled my kitchen, and I thought why not make a table? I found some furniturelegs that I loved online, they were light wood and brass, the perfect accent to a white tabletop.

Since my house is a little older, I have some really funbuilt-in old cabinets, and in order to give them a fun update I replaced all the cheapknobs with just simple pieces of leather that I attachedusing a brass screw for not a lot of money.

Moving onto the kitchen.

I just got to remodel it, which was so much fun, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I tried to doeverything cost effective.

I obviously love copper.

I found some copper pulls for my cabinets that kind of almost disappear.

When you look in my living room, you see my kitchen, and I didn't want abunch of cabinets pulls all over the place.

Super fun tip, I got apanel-front dishwasher and we put a cabinet panel front on it, and I glued a piece ofcopper to the front of it.

Everyone thinks I boughta copper dishwasher, but shocker, I DIYed it.

My newest addition to mykitchen is a very special treat.

I have copper flatware.

All my silverware is now copper, and I am in heaven.

I haven't even used it yet, because I don't want to mess it up.

My favorite thing about mykitchen remodel and edition is that I now have my own tool shed.

It is a space where I have everything.

I have all my tools there, Ihave all my gardening supplies, I have an embarrassingassortment of paint samples that I love having on hand at all times.

I even have a space forMonty and Emma to sleep, and that's really nice 'cause it gets them out of my office.

Moving right along to my hallway.

Not much here, it's pretty narrow, but I wanted to add alittle bit of fun to it, so I did simple littlearrows I got online, put up some nails, and it adds like a 3-dimensionalart piece, which I love.

I have a bathroom like everyone else.

I don't know if yourremember my accessory holder, I love it.

I have such a small bathroom, and I put so many things in it.

It was definitely one of my favorite DIYs.

And now, my bedroom.

I wanted to make it aplace that I could go, I could retreat.

I don't like working in bed, I want it to just be a place that I relax.

I like really fluffy pastelsand whites on my bed.

It's obviously the favoritespot of all my animals, especially Cat.

I don't know if you saw my last DIY, it was a flower garland hanging, and I have mine as my headboard now, and I love it.

It's fun, it's unique, and not everyone needs a headboard, especially in a small bedroom.

Why not make it fun andadd something different? I have a lot of things andvery little closet space, so I like to displayeverything that I have, especially if it's a pretty thing that I've spent money on.

When it came time to organize my shoes, I didn't want to spend timegoing to a closet store, getting something standard, I had a couple bricks laying around, I had a piece of wood layingaround, and there you have it.

I love it, because Ican see all the shoes, I remember what shoes I have, I don't buy as many shoes this way.

It's a pretty good solution.

I have a chair that Ifound at an antique store, and then I have a chair thatI got on the side of the road that's one of my favorite chairs still.

A really easy storage DIY that I did was I got some old junkstore picture frames, spray painted them,added some window screen, and little hooks, and all you have to dois hang your necklaces, you hang your earrings, you see them all, they don't get tangled, best thing ever.

Okay, so for the lastroom of my tiny house tour is the office.

I made my own desk.

I wanted something that I didn't care about getting paint on, I didn't care about messing up, so I got a couple pieces ofwood at the hardware store, got a door sweep toput on the front of it, and some legs from Ikea, and I have custom-sized desk.

One of my favorite piecesin the entire house is my catalog storage system.

I found it at thrift store in San Antonio, and I use it to store all of my crafts.

I labeled it, and it is a life saver.

On my leather shelf,I have the copper lamp that I did for a DIY with the wood block and the piece of copper.

I love it, I've made more than one.

I give them to my friends, it's a really, really fun project.

The theme throughout my wholehouse is I collect things, and I don't shy away from that.

I have quite the camera collection, I've inherited some from my grandparents, I find them at thrift stores, and I hang them up and display them.

When I'm in my office, I love to surround myself with things that are inspiring me.

I use this door that issort of my second door for clients to come in, as sort of my inspiration wall.

I duct tape things up sothat it's not so permanent, and I'm constantly changing it, whatever's inspiringme, a piece of fabric, a leaf, I mean, anythinggoes up on that wall, and it's just sort ofa good reminder of what I'm really drawn to, and Iput that into all my projects.

So, that's it, small house, I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks guys, bye.

I have a cat hair on my nose and it's really itchy.