Tiny House Christmas Decorating l Kiah - Colorado Camping Cabins

Tiny House Christmas Decorating l Kiah

good morning everybody Today I have a lot to do I have to get myself ready I just made coffee.

I'm going to chug that.

I am going to clean the house like usual.

it's just been a mess if you're watching this video I'm sure you saw the last video but i decided i'm just going to continue life i'm going to continue i'm going to put up my christmas decorations and just act like everything is ok.

Music It's been quite a few hours later i have not made much progress on cleaning the house today I had to go and help my mom's husband take pictures of all the property markers we didn't really explain in our last video that the reason why we're having issues with the house is because of our property line and that took a big part of my day and I was just outside in the cold and I just came back home and was super tired so I've just been kind of hanging out Music so I've been cleaning for a while I have one last thing I have to do a sweep which is one of the biggest endeavors in this house let me tell you it is a tiny house but the floor gets so dirty so easily have to do that and then its time to decorate these are snowflakes and I decided to get some of these and spray paint them gold i'm going to hang them on the lights over here.

I got Christmas trees i also got gold ribbon for some reason I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to use this for but I'll think something next I got these little bulbs and then I have some green garland and some gold and silver Garland and i'm going to use tape to hang everything Music okay just kidding i ran out of tape and the only other tape that I have is double sided sticky tape and it is so cheap that that it just doesn't even work.

So I'm going to have to wait till tomorrow to do Christmas decorations good morning everyone so I just got back from the gym i took a shower i am all fresh and clean ready for the day its only like noon now so it's not really morning but anyway today I am going to finish decorating I got tape and hopefully i will edit a video get that up.

So right now i am making coffee um i just kind of want to show you how I do it (laughs) we have an extension cord that goes that we usually keep on that little white shelf.

I just bringing it over here with my little blender and then i blend up the coffee Music I am done I am done with that video that took a good long while probably like I don't even know what time it is Probably like 2 hours? I got it done.

I got it done though.

I need a break.

I need food.

Food time! okay the time has finally come I'm going to decorate today finally but one thing that I can't finish is spray painting the snowflakes that I was telling you about because it's currently snowing and yes let's do this Music And then we pull tight??? inaudible high speed voice and music that is not.


No No.


inaudible high speed voice and music Now where to put this? laughs Music Music.