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Tiny Homes are Big on Efficiency

Two inches of foam on the exterior.

Direct load path.

Yeah, let's head out there.

You only have 178 square feet.

You can hook it up to your truck and drive it to wherever you want.

This is a one-year diploma program.

So if you've never picked up a hammer you can come to us.

If you're going to teach them how to build, you need to build things.

And so we've been doing tiny homes.

We start with how to use a hammer.

How to drive nails.

How to cut wood.

We build them here and they can be transported anywhere in the state.

The challenge of this is getting something that is going to be energy-efficient.

Everything gets caulked.

We have a mutual interest in energy-efficiency.

We drive by them and say "Hey, let's go visit those tiny homes!" You may have one tiny gap here that's gonna let a little bit of air in.

That gap itself isn't going to kill your energy costs.

But when you have a thousand of those in your home, then it starts to add up.

I like the LED lights that they are putting in.

Basically you don't have to have a can light, it's really shallow, you can air seal it.

People can try before they buy.

They can rent these like they'd rent a motel room and see how they like living in a tiny home.