TINY Actions, BIG Impact – Inpro’s Tiny House at Greenbuild 2016 - Colorado Camping Cabins

TINY Actions, BIG Impact – Inpro’s Tiny House at Greenbuild 2016

Today we’re standing at the Occupy MadisonVillage.

Inpro takes a very holistic approach to oursustainability commitment.

When we speak about sustainability we’renot only talking about environmental stewardship but also social stewardship and economicalresponsibility.

Occupy Madison started this village lookingfor solutions that revolve around homelessness in Madison.

We don’t really want it to be a charitymodel, we want it to be a participatory model.

Our mission is very broad about a more sustainableworld, And it’s not really about housing the homelessthat we’re starting is building tiny homes for people who don’t have homes.

Tiny houses are a great way to live sustainable,go green and do it at a very fair price.

Occupy Madison is a great fit for our 2016Greenbuild initiative because it fits along the lines of Tiny Actions Big Impact.

Through various conversations, we developeda relationship, talked about what our needs are and what Inpro was trying to do with this tradeshow that was coming up.

Our relationship with Inpro actually startedjust a few months ago.

They came over and we talked about their desiredproject, what they were looking to do and their donation to Occupy Madison.

So from there we got a scope of work and wecreated the centipede plan for them and now we’re in the building stage.

This proved to be a very unique and maybeonce in a lifetime opportunity for us.

They decided to build a house for their tradeshow, and surprised us by saying they would donate this house.

It could be the single biggest donation we’vegotten.

This is a smaller 100 sq ft unit, so it isthe tiniest of all tiny homes, but it is enough for someone to comfortably live as a singleperson.

We can finally give back to the earth andgo green without hurting the pocket book so muchand that’s really what intrigues so many people about sustainable tiny house living.

To be able to provide this opportunity formore families, more individuals to get back on their feetmeans a lot to us at Inpro.

We don’t only care about our immediate community,but also our state community and global community at the end of the daySo it really warms our hearts to be able to get people back on their feet.