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Smartcepts | Tiny Home Concepts 2

what's the difference between being aware of your surroundings and just living in them how do we maintain natural beauty and further our ambitions as humans at the same time where does the inspiration for design come from smartcepts hello im Drake Perez-Pantoja and im the creative director for smarcepts Were a small design business based out of Naples Florida We are concentrating on building That include a green and sustainable design twist on them were trying to build them for a new generation and people who want to live more consciously about the space they are in right now were in the design and conceptual phase so were sitting down and brainstorming a bunch of ideas for layouts different aesthetics for the homes and green solutions things we can actually fit into the house to make it more sustainable so we're taking everything that we can get right now and were trying to make a great product that anyone would be proud to own [Music] we've had a critical moment in the future design and essentially global preservation more people than ever are moving to cities and with them design practices and solutions are being developed that are hurting the space we live in cities are becoming more cramped and harder to live in every passing day the astounding fact that over innovation causes commercial and residential building to account for thirty-nine percent of carbon emissions in the United States an astounding fact that most people don't know about however you can be part of the solution how do we change our design in our news for habitation in order to fix this that smarts we prescribe our designs to lead specifications voluntary ranking authority run by the United States Green Building Council we do this because the average leed-certified building uses thirty-two percent less electricity is built more sustainably and waste less than a normally non really great building our green solutions are better lighting renewable energy like solar and wind locally-sourced labor and green materials smart home system that you can use from your smartphone Tesla products like their home battery and their soon-to-be early solar tiles we can start a new chapter in the way we live in how we develop the emerging cityscape and homes surrounded we may think we inherit the world from our parents but really we're just borrowing it from the generation of tomorrow so let's do something great for the short time that we have it and present them with the legacy that would be proud to continue our design philosophy is hopefully the answer to preserving the video you find in everyday life and we hope to channel that beauty into our affordable and expediently designed homes for now we are concentrating on tiny homes but the future always has many surprises building a home with us gives you the chance to be a part of changing the world and we plan on changing the world one house at a time smart steps visit our website at www.


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