SMALLEST TINY HOUSE with All the Comforts of Home – Full Tour - Colorado Camping Cabins

SMALLEST TINY HOUSE with All the Comforts of Home – Full Tour

It is a small tiny house because we only useda 16 foot trailer.

And then one of the features that a lot ofpeople like about this house is that we actually used the triangle at the front and we've actuallyworked on it and put some storage on it.

So if you go here, it's the seating area,it's like your living room.

You can remove the cushions which are keptin place with velcro.

You can move them and then you can lift this,and then you've got storage.

This space is also there in case somebodywould like to install solar panels on this house.

And then same thing for this one over here.

This also opens.

The dining area.

If you're only 2 peoplethen you can actually have one person eating here and one person eating there.

Let's say you have guests over.

This table isn't fixed, it's movable.

You can actually take your table and moveit over here.

So you can be 4 or 5 people around this table.

Most of our models have a galley kitchen inthem.

We have lots of countertops.

All the lights here are LED.

Gas stove, gas heater, and then we have thehot water heater that's underneath here.

It's for the sink and the shower, so all theplumbing is run through the cabinets.

We didn't go in the walls because you don'twant them to freeze.

This is our electrical panel which is alsoa spice rack.

You open it so you have 2 functions here.

Basically we did a mirror, and people tellus ah you've installed it on the wrong side and we're like no no no no.

It's because I don't have a mirror in thebathroom.

So someone who gets out of the shower actuallyhas the mirror to look at.

And the other thing is.

If you're gettingdressed and you want to look at yourself, if you do that, then you can move it.

We don't have a freshwater tank in this onebut if we had to install one, it would be installed under the sink.

Once again, this is our prototype, you know,this is a learning curve.

Some of the stuff.

One of the things thatwe're definitely going to improve is our shower space.

Because it's trial and error and because wemaybe didn't put enough emphasis on it at the beginning for the plumbing.

So this is our shower space.

Basically what it is.

The reason why it'shigh is because we have a grey water tank that we located underneath.

We wanted to keep it above the insulationbecause this is a tiny house that you can live in, in the winter.

Basically what you're going to have here is.

Thisis our shower space.

There's going to be a step, we're going to add a step.

And we're probably going to cut open the mezzanine,raise the roof up, and actually use that space for a night table upstairs.

So that it serves as a shower and it servesas the night table.

This unit is installed with a Separett toilet.

We need to finalize the connections but theseare great.

Before we go upstairs.

This is one of the features that people reallylike about this house.

We've taken Japanese stairs.

You've got handles in it.

You need to get used to getting into these.

A lot of people come here and if they're left-handed,they'll try to go up with their left foot.

So it's kind of hard.

So you've got to go with your right foot andyou just go up.

We have a sliding window upstairs.

The reason why we've used sliding windowsis because eventually people will have to change their mattress.

And once you open it, you can actually slidea queen mattress through the windows.

We actually built those cases, those woodcrates.

You can remove them.

They're built on a.

With a 45 degree woodcleat.

This one can be removed as well.

We like to create structures in wood.

And a tiny house for me is like, you know,I couldn't ask for more wood.

Everything is built in wood, the exterioris built in wood.

We've tried to use locally harvested products.

The tiny house allows us to be creative.

We're building one right now that's actuallya Gypsy-style tiny house.

Which, originally, we were like aw, it's notreally, you know, it's not our style.

And then when we started looking at how wewere going to do it, I was like oh my god, this is too much fun.

Let's do it.

So this is where we get creative and interesting.

That's what I like about working in a tinyspace.

You've got to think outside the box even thoughyou're in a small box.