Site Prep & Delivery

Preparing your camping cabin location is probably one of the most important things that you can do before the cabin is delivered. You, the property owner, are responsible for any site work, leveling and making sure that the access is free of limbs, trees and obstacles allowing for the cabin to be delivered.

All preparatory work for the site, site and/or structure leveling and access to the site is the responsibility of the property owner.

  • Our Camping Cabins are built on 4×6 pressure treated skid foundations. This way they can easily be set on a crushed stone/gravel or concrete pad.
  • When using a stone/gravel pad, the area needs to be leveled and raised enough so no run off water will go under the cabin.
  • Put 4″ to 6″ of crushed stones down about 1′ wider and 1′ longer than the actual size of the cabin. Do not use clean stone, ask for stone with fines in so it will pack and make a firm foundation, like a road base material.
  • Level the site with a laser or you can tape a level to a straight 2×4 aprox. 12′ long, or use stakes and a string with level.
  • After the stones are leveled, use a plate tamper or drive your truck, skid loader, etc. over the area to pack the pad. Then recheck the pad for level and add stone as needed. Repeat this until the site is level.
  • For a concrete pad use approx. 4″ to 5″ of reinforced concrete on top of 4″ of clean gravel.

Suggestion on Delivery

It is a good idea for you to drive the route from the nearest main road to your property and look at the access with fresh eyes. Take into consideration the width of the cabin, truck and trailer as well as the height. Look for cattle guards, fences etc and measure them for max width. The cabin base  will usually be approximately 28 inches off the ground and the cabin goes up from there and the trailer itself is about 8.5 feet wide. The last thing that you want is for us to get near your property and not be able to get all the way there or not be able to drop the cabin where you want it to go. So if you are not certain we can assist you in determining if there will be any delivery concerns. Just give us a call.

Height: Things to consider with your delivery are any low hanging power lines, entry features, trees and tree limbs etc that might be a concern in delivery.

Width: As well as the width of the delivery path. Things that cause concerns are tree limbs, cattle guard side rails, fences and gates and sharp turns in ranch roads. Figure that the truck and trailer are going to be approximately as wide as the cabin but needs it wider in turns.

Length: The delivery truck and trailer will be close to 40 feet long so there needs to be space for the truck to get into position and exit. We always need to know before we load the cabin which way the porch/door needs to be loaded, either to the front or back. The truck will back into location and set the edge of the cabin in place and then pull out from under neath the cabin gently lowering the cabin into place.

Weather: Your delivery could be delayed by weather and depending on the time of year if the roads and cabin location are icy or wet this should be noted before we leave with your cabin as many of our cabins are going to remote locations access is certainly a concern. There should be no mud, ice or snow that would hamper or slow the delivery. We want a successful uneventful cabin delivery because we want you to be enjoying your new Colorado Camping Cabin as soon as possible.