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Make Water Last At Camp Living in a Dry Cabin

make water last at camp living in a dry cabin using less water off grid living how to conserve water hi it's AlaskaGranny when I am at Granny Camp Ihave sink but I don't have any running water I am going to show you some of the water storage solutions that I do to conserve water when camping make water last when camping or boondocking or dry cabin living to carry some water out here and help itlast remote Alaska Cabin and keep everything clean and tidy the first thing I have is an empty laundry jug of water this is for hand washing it is simple because you fill it up with water it is easy to tote and unload it and it has a press spigot the children can't turn it on and waste all of the water it as a push-button so you can get the water that you need and then it runs right through we have a bucket down below but you can't turnon and then let all the water run like you might in a house dry cabin living off grid living need to conserve water so it saves water at camp another solution Ihave are 5 gallon jugs these are the fresh drinkingwater I keep them higher they have a twist knob when we need fresh water I tip it overand take out the the water I want it is easy to use to fill up pots and pans drinking glasses things like that when I want to wash a dish I have a Scotch Brite Dish Wand makes handwashing dishes easy and fast you get a little water down in here scrub it around and then you can pour itdown the drain and rinse it out doesn't waste a lot of water when I have something like vinegar or bleach bottle that is empty I clean these out rinse them well let them air dry and then I can fill these up to store extra drinking water it is simple to carry a gallon of water in these and they are easy to find places to store extra drinking water whether you are at home or at camp make sure you label water containers sopeople won't be confused that it is vinegar bleach or water make sure you label everything trash goes in the bag waste water goes in the bucket we can take it out anddump the gray water away from Granny Camp when it gets full try some of these water saving tips if you're going camping whether you are in a tent in an RV or living in a dry cabin please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.