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Living Sermon: United Methodist Pastor Builds Tiny House

(Rebecca) The toiletis something called a composting toilet.

I simply took a cat litterbucket and built a frame and a toilet seat around it.

The house I built is 7 1/2feet wide and 14 1/2 feet long in the inside.

It measures about98 square feet.

(Rebecca) That convertsto a full-size bed where you're sitting.

Hi, my name is Rebecca Rutter.

I am the pastor at New HopeUnited Methodist Church in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Today we were at Saint NorbertCollege in De Pere to explain to people a project that I startedworking on about three years ago in building a tiny house.

(Rebecca) And it wasa little bit of a sanity saver for me too.

I built it when I was in myfinal year at seminary as well as pastoring a church andparenting three children, and I just needed a littleproject to get away from all that for a while.

(Rebecca Rutter) It helpedstrengthen my faith during this time and think about thingsnot just from the theological standpoint but also 'How can Imake a difference in the world right now with what I'm doing? With what I'm building,how can I learn more about sustainable practices?' (Katy Gertz) I came here tosee the house today and it was amazing to see how manypeople are interested.

There was a 20-minutewait for the tour.

(Nicolette Sylvain) I wasinspired by it, it kind of made me think about ways that Ican help, use less water.

I feel I take really longhot showers and less, like five-minute showers,would be better.

(Rebecca) And I hooked it upto a kitchen sprayer and this really preserves water.

(Nancy Jakups) I think we allthink we need a lot of space and if we really took a hard look atour life we can all scale back and cut out thingsthat aren't necessary, maybe those material things.

When we take these opportunitiesto scale back, it just leaves a better footprint forour future generations.

(Katy Gertz) As people of faithI think we should be inspired by both the tiny house movement andother movements to be better stewards for the Earth and leaveit better than we found it.

(Jordan Wood) There are storiesin the Bible of like people and then God asks them togive up all their possessions and they did that.

I think people of faith shouldtake a look at that and be like 'Wow, I don't actually needeverything that I have.

' Everything that you reallyneed to live is in that house.

(Rebecca Rutter) The UnitedMethodist Church has a lot of opportunities to be moreconcerned about stewardship and environmental preservationand develop a culture of that in our congregations.

People are hungering for moresimplicity and a focus in life that goes beyond all thematerial possessions that we have and they realize that inthe end that is not what brings us the peace that we need.

The peace comes from Christand a relationship with him and with one another.

(woman) We're justlistening to her talk.

(man) They're goingto think we're professional window peepers.

(laugh) ? (music) ?.