Living in a Tiny House: Our First Winter I Kiah - Colorado Camping Cabins

Living in a Tiny House: Our First Winter I Kiah

Oh yeah Hi! Hi guys! We're weird.

Oh I look amazing You look beautiful so I am back from the gym I have a fewthings to do around the house like clean a little bit i also want todeclutter some stuff but I want to film it so that might be my next video I cannot finish cleaning because i amalmost add water I'm working on ufreezing the pipes the pipes.

I don't know why i am trying to show you but a little bit of a problem so when it snows out and like the metalfreezes and then when the sun comes out it like melts and it's like condensation.

i guess.

no that's actually that's exactly what it is.

And it justdrips in two places on this window drips from the dinning room window drips from the dinning room window and then a drip from the living room window Look who came to visit.

This is my kitty.

He will be 18.

He was born in June of 1999.

I've had him for over half of my life you're cute I look like a disaster You were drinking for like a straight minute buddy.


We wanted to update you with thetiny house, I like that better.

We've got a lot of stuff that's happening i think some good stuffi'm positive i'm optimistic it's stressful but I'm optimistic like theysaid before we will either will get to keep the house for sure or get rid of it yeah not likely yeah it's not likely it'sthere it's on the table but it's it's not likely yeah we might have the change some stuff.

We're in contact with the county we are they're very nice working with themwe're figuring out what we did wrong and how we can remedy and that's pretty muchit right now it's kind of a waiting game I'm feeling good about it im still stressed yeah but seeing this handsome face yeah that face that one no other face.

it helps yeah hopefully our next videowill be about something else and then we'll come back to the tiny house andhopefully it'll be here to stay still see us in this beautiful thing So cool.

BYE! BYE! Music.