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How To Set Up Coleman 2 Mantle Lanterns

how to set up coleman lanterns how to use camping lanterns coleman fuel lanterns how to change lantern mantle hi it's AlaskaGranny if you have a Coleman lantern then youneed a few accessories to go with it to ensure that you can actually use itthe first thing you need to make sure that you have a supply are the mantles these are the little cloth attachmentsthat you hook to the inside that you're going to light and these arefragile breakable so make sure you have a nice good supply of them the next thing you need is Coleman fuel you need to make sure you have fuel thatis designed for your lantern don't ever substitute anything likegasoline or anything strange just use what is appropriate and thenknow that it's flammable and anything that's flammable needs to be handled with care especiallyif you ever wanted to try and use it inside you need to be very careful of carbonmonoxide then in order to pour your fuel you need if fuel funnel and this one is a filtering funnelit has a filter that goes in here to keepimpurities out of your lantern i will show you how to use this andwill start start with the mantles mantles Come in a 2-pack so you want to cut those open and youcan see what they look like now you wanna unscrew the top pull off the lid and the glass globe you can see that this has been used and this is broken andso I need to replace them first thing I am gonnado is remove any leftover fibers you can see they just get crumbly and they will disintegrate so make sureyou have extras because they're like char cloth they just fall apart the best way to tie your new mantle on is to use a surgeon's knot see you put it over there a the place where it goes whatever youcall this and then you pull the two strings up then you just like you're gonna tell your shoeyou loop one side over and you push it under and then do it onemore time then so it's LOOPED two times and pull it up get it tight and then just finish with a regular like a square knot but she flipped it two times and thenone time and that's gonna hold it and way moresecurely and then just trim off the extra string this has 2 mantles so I'm gonna go to theother side and put another mantle onthe lantern and pull up the string and I'm gonnatie it over and put it through 2 times pull it tight loop it over and finish tying it and trim the ends mantles have to be pre burned never do it inside because it sends up a bunch of smoke so we'll take it outside and finishpreparing it light them from the bottom lots of smoke and never do this partin the house let it burn until the fabrichas been burned until it just looks like ash replace the globe put the lid on now fill it with fuel remove the cap insert the funnel make sure you get it in thereall the way and do this outside so you don't spill flammable liquid inside your house higher fuel you can see there pouringspout is on the side so pour it sideways rather than from the front and replace cap make sure your fuel valve is to off andthen you go to your little pump and you turn it one turn and youput your finger over the little hole pump it up precedent book it now there's a little hole here for putting the match and that's where we are going to light it this one has two holes because it is twomantles first light the light then open this once you get it lit you can adjust theflame by turning the knob and then when youwant it to go out to turn it completely off and itshould go off within 1 to 2 minutes if you're going to use it inside inside like your house or your tent inan emergency make sure that there's a little bit of fresh air and if you'reever inside your house using open flame and gadgets gizmos and equipment make surethat you have a carbon monoxide detector please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.