Hipster Chef trades tiny plates for a tiny house | 22 Minutes - Colorado Camping Cabins

Hipster Chef trades tiny plates for a tiny house | 22 Minutes

The Hipster Chef is back on FoodNetwork Canada and this time he’s expanding in the smallest way possible.

The West Coast food scene has hit peak pretence.

The gastronomy is gastronomical Everybody wants in and real estate prices are as high as my food prices.

I can’t downsize my kitchen so I have todownsize my home.

I’ve joined – the tiny house movement.

This tiny house is artisanal, hand-crafted,and naturally made with a foraged bark-interior-exterior made out of wood I’ve served deconstructed food.

I’ve done that.

But now I live in a dedeconstrlcted house.

Come have a look inside.

Chef what are you doing? I can’t take this anymore This place is so small when you put thekey in the lock it hit me In the ass.


Atun and I co-habitate.

Come, explore the small plates of houses Out of the way yeah come in, there's lots of room Oh you're so basic So this is the common area.

And this is the foyer.

And this a little nook I like to use as an office.

What are you doing what are you doing get out of my office I was trying to wash my hands A chef needs cleanliness A chef needs order, okay and I will live as chef chooses to live but there have been some challenges Do you mind? I’m trying to eat.

Do you mind? who eats their breakfast in the washroom? Turn around You turn around Atun! I need space! I am trying to prepare my potat puree Oh, you mean ‘mashed potatoes’ No These are locally sourced heirloom potatoes You mean you went to the grocery store andpicked them up after they went moldy These are thrice-baked! You mean cooked? This is wild fijian albacore sashimi prepared on a on a duck fat fondant! Oh, Fish and chips! How dare you call that fish and chips! I’m going to kill you! You're gonna kill me? I'll kill you Get back! Back! We decided that we have outgrown our tiny home.

We’ve gone from ‘less house, more home’to ‘no house, home-less.

’ Yeah and besides while we were at work two wild dogs took over house and now we can’t get in Next week the hipster chef can’tremember if his wi-fi password is fixed-gear or kimchi – only on FoodNetwork Canada.