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Great Day St. Louis- Camping- Pin Oak Creek RV Park and Paintball Field

Great Day St.

Louis- Camping- Pin Oak CreekRV Park and Paintball Field Http://www.


Com Wouldn’t it be great if you could get awayfrom it all, without actually going to far away from it all? Well, you can as it turnsout.

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We’ll tell you moreabout that in a minute.

But first let me introduce you to Chris Paxton.

Chris is from Pin OakCreek RV Park and he joins us today to help plan your getaway.

Chris, nice to meet ya.

Thank you very much glad to be here.

I have never been to this place, I know itis close to Six Flags, and I know thats a beautiful part of Missouri, so for peoplewho haven’t been there, they might want to check it out.

Tell us what you guys offer.

We offer just about anything you could wantfrom tent camping to 40 foot motorhomes, pop-ups, travel trailers, and we even have cabins forthose that do not have an RV of their own.

We have several different size cabins fromsleeping 4 all the way up to 12.

One of our producers upstairs said I don’tRV camp, and I don’t tent camp but I will go Glamping, as in glamorous camping, I ameyeing those cabins.

So she is checking on that already.

If you just have the tent, thepop-up or the RV, there is space for those also.

What kind of activities are going onthere? s this a place you can go to kick back and relax and chill out, or is there stuffgoing on? You can do either one, you can just sit bythe campfire and do nothing or you can play paintball, fish, swim, putt-putt golf, volleyball,we have just about anything you could want.

I have been to alot of campgrounds chris,and none of them have ever offered paintball.

I think that is a really good idea.

Its really really fun, and anyone from 10years old and up we have had them up to 75 years old out there playing.

I believe it.

How about for the fishermen? If there is afisherman that wants to take the RV out somewhere, you got something for them? We got great fishing lake down there, wellstocked with Bass, Catfish, Crappie and Bluegill.

You can fish 24 hours a day if you want.

And swimming for the kids.

Yes, nice little swimming pool, open fromMay until Labor Day.

Sounds like when October rolls around thingsreally get cranking around Halloween.

Yes, we love Halloween.

We do all kinds ofactivities for the kids from costume contest, site decorating, pumpkin carving, and thenwe have a haunted trail that we turn one of the paintball fields into a haunted trailand scare the daylights out of ya.

We love that don’t we? Thats what Halloweenis all about.

And if you hear a strange sound as you drift off to sleep in your tent itis probably someone singing karaoke somewhere.

We do, we do karaoke, we even have some liveentertainment on some of the weekends.

Its amazing, the kids have fun, no matter howold you are.

I mention the proximity to Six Flags, if yourcoming from downtown, your like another 10 miles past Six Flags.

Yes 10-12 miles past Six Flags at the 247exit.

And if people want to do both, you can getthem some discounted tickets to Six Flags.

Yes, we sure can.

We carry those tickets atthe office starting April 15 just before they open, all the way through the season.

Something here for everybody it sounds like.

I would be just relaxing propably while the kids are playing paintball.

Chris, thank youvery much.

Thank You.

You can find Pin Oak Creek RV Park at 1302Highway AT in Villa Ridge Missouri.

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Thanks again for coming.

Thank you.

Best of luck.