Granny Camp Remote Cabin Photo Diary

hi it's AlaskaGranny greetings from granny camp my Alaska Remote Cabin we have had a lot of changes this year we went from having our tent and tarp to setting up a remote Alaska Dry cabin and getting it all prepared to spend the summer at Granny Camp our remote Alaska Cabin turned a shed into a cabin here are some pictures of Alaska plants that we saw Alaska animals that we experienced and some of the fun that we had at our Alaska Remote Cabin it is a scrapbook of a few of the fun days at Granny Camp our Alaska Remote Cabin i hope you enjoy seeing how we are spending our summer at Granny Camp with AlaskaGranny look at this huge pile of bear poop and this is not far from Granny Camp our Alaska Remote Cabin moose poop we have a lot of fun at Granny Camp our Alaska remote Cabin dry cabin a shed we turned into a cabin learn more at alaskagranny.

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