Enjoying Your Colorado Property - Colorado Camping Cabins

Enjoying Your Colorado Property

A small cabin for camping

We personally just had our long awaited Camping Cabin delivered to our property just south of Trinidad Colorado. And we can’t wait to start enjoying the Camping Cabin and our property more this coming year. Here is a photo of our new portable camping cabin that was delivered just before Christmas.

We had cleared a lot of the underbrush a few years back but they had grown up so at the last minute we loaded up the Kubota tractor and brush hog and took it to the property the morning that the cabin was going to be delivered. We arranged for a load of gravel to be delivered about 12 noon and it came right on time.

We had found the most level spot that we could in a location that we wanted the cabin so we really didn’t have to move any dirt. We used a 12 foot level to gauge how level the spot was since the cabin is 12 x 16 plus the front porch that worked out really well. And all we had to do was to level the gravel a bit after it was delivered. The driver that brought the gravel did a really good job of putting the gravel right where we wanted it to go so all I had to do was use a garden rake and shovel a little bit to get it the way I wanted it.

About the time we got finished with the gravel the driver bringing the cabin called and so we went to the ranch entrance to meet him. He followed us to the property and everything just went really well. He had it in place and on the ground in less than 45 minutes. I can tell you that it was just meant to be because everything just went perfect….but the timing was such that anything could have slowed us up so you really don’t want to plan it this close if you don’t have to.

We don’t have power pulled into our property, although it is at the ranch road not far away. Right now we just want to “rough it” a little you know….as if sleeping on a double bed and camping in a camping cabin is roughing it….ha. But you know in this day and age we aren’t used to going without power, lights, tv, radio, hot showers, refrigerators  and such so this will feel like a get away from the big world….yeah.

Actually this Cabin has been a dream of ours for a long time and it is really how we got started selling the Camping Cabins in the first place. So we know and understand the dream to have a small cabin on your property to make it easier to enjoy. Being in the real estate business selling mountain property for the last 15-16 years in this area there have been many times when our customers spent a night or two or a weekend camping on their property in a tent….only to call us and ask “Do you know of anyone who can build us a small cabin that we can camp in?”. And we searched for years but really could find anyone until a few years ago. Now we are the local representative and we love selling our Colorado Camping Cabins!

Why don’t you call us today and let’s start designing your new “get away” for your Colorado Property. Send us an email today for more information.

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