Big Lake 2016-2017 Girls Village Cabin Project - Colorado Camping Cabins

Big Lake 2016-2017 Girls Village Cabin Project

A lot of ministry takes place here at Big Lake and a lot of that ministry takes place in the cabin.

Our counselors each night spend time sharing their stories and inviting young people to give their lives to Christ.

And so this is the front lines of mission I would argue, in our conference for young people.

Now, there’s been a challenge because our facilities have been here they’ve been built, starting in 1962 and they’ve been added to over the years since then Many of them are pretty tired With vast quantities of snow, etc, etc.

Severe mountain weather These cabins get tired Cabin 26, for instance, was built at Gladstone for the Gladstone Camp Meeting and then when it was retired there we got it up here and it’s been the home for a lot of campers for a lot of summers.

But it’s tired.

And we need a new cabin.

For 26 and a number of other cabins Now this year the Forest Service thanks to some very strong and improving relationships that we’ve had and have been building over the past many years They have said “Hey, we’re going to lift the ban on new buildings at Big Lake and we’re going to let you guys go ahead and rebuild your facilities as you need.

” Now this is a huge breakthrough and a window of opportunity that we are absolutely excited about.

In the fall of 2015 David Woods of Maranatha International approached me and said Hey, we as a Maranatha team would like to come in and support the ministry of Big Lake.

With the permission by the Forest Service to say “You can build.

” We said “Let’s go!” And this June, Maranatha came and we build Cabins 25 and 27.

Now with that what they did is they took and an A-frame that had 14 people capacity and they built that to straight walls so it now can house 28 people in each of those cabins.

So essentially doubling our size and our efficiency.

Downstairs we have a Jack and Jill style apartment with a sliding door so it can be split up for family camps very easily.

The upstairs is a great room Which we can use for classroom space for all of our outdoor school programs, pathfinder projects, and other groups to come in that need group space They’re beautiful cabins.

Cedar interior, beautiful porches on the front.

and we are so grateful for the incredible work of Maranatha International in June.

Right now, in September, they are here again and they are helping to rebuild Cabin 30 as we are moving forward in this project.

I am standing right now on the ground where Cabin 30 used to be.

What I see here is potential.

I see a new cabin being raised here and behind me as well as the Maranatha crew is taking down Cabin 20 We have potential for ministry to expand at Big Lake.

Each of these cabins cost $45,000 to build.

Right now, we have a $75,000 matching grant that’s on the table.

That grant, when it’s matched, will fund not just this cabin but Cabin 20 and Cabin 21 as well.

Our goal would be to have those three cabins rebuilt with twice as much occupancy as we have had before.

I would love to ask you to help us.

Partner with us to reach that goal and to fund these cabins for the ministry of Big Lake and the kids that will be coming up here next summer and the summers to come.

Two years ago a young woman came and talked to me She said “I’ve been coming to Big Lake for years and I want to follow Christ.

I want to be part of this community because this is the community that I have found and I have seen and I have experienced, in which I have felt loved I’ve felt worthy, I’ve felt like I belong.

Later on, a couple weeks later we baptized her in the lake.

She now is a part of our staff, works here at camp and is a part of that process now of introducing other kids to Christ and an abundant life.

Her journey, started right here in this cabin.

It started in that place where her counselor was connecting with her was showing her and demonstrating to her what Christ is all about.

So when we talk about fund raising for cabins I’m not talking about a building I’m talking about the ministry that takes place in those cabins better than anywhere else.

It’s that time, where the counselor is connecting with his guys.

or her girls That’s where they are able to answer the deeper questions that these campers have about live and about God and ultimately make a profound impact on their life.