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330 Sq Ft Ever Growing Tiny House

– I'm John Weisbarth,and I travel across the country with my building partner, tiny-house expert Zack Giffin.

And together, we help people build their mini dream homes.

On this episode of "Tiny House Nation," Ashleigh and Cody claim to be living minimally, but reality proves otherwise.

– And this here is,you know, our overflow area.

– You know,it's not really minimalism if you just stuff everythingdown into the basement.

And things get tricky when Zack has to create his first-ever indoor tiny-house farm.

– Some sort of garden space,but it's inside.

– This is the spacethat I really see being available for that.

– I'm seeing a look.

And the complications don't end there.

– No, it's all flat.

– How do you even changea tire on a house? There's gonna besome tough decisions.

And we're full.

– I can't believethis is our house.

Tiny homesare the next big thing.

[upbeat music] – ? Whoa-oh ? ? Whoa-oh ? ? Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ? ? ? – ? I'm gonna take this life ? ? And turn it into something ? – We're in La Crosse, Wisconsin, the largest city on the western border of the state, and we're here to meet Ashleigh and Cody, an eclectic couple that's looking to go tiny.

– Ashleigh and I met in college, and we were bothstudying art there.

– Cody came up to me and told me that he liked my socks,so I said, "Thank you.

" – In my recollection, it wasn't a pickup line.

It was I really liked the socks,so.

– After graduation, Codyand Ashleigh traveled the world and realized how much theyloved the minimalist lifestyle.

– We spent about threeor four months traveling, and we just had our backpacks.

– It really taught me that, wow,you don't really need that much to survive,you know, to be happy.

– Do you want to wash this? – They returned home to La Crosse, where they've been happily married for the last two years and lead very active lives.

– We love to go biking.

We love hiking, camping.

Salad made with love.

– The couple settled down in a traditional foundation home, but soon realized how much the ability to travel in a tiny house meant to them.

– We get to have our own home, but we can bring itwherever we want.

We're not tied downor feel stuck anymore.

– Ashleigh is a fourth grade teacher, and Cody is a graphic artist at an advertising agency.

The interesting thing about Cody is that he's actuallyhad a big hand in the designof this tiny house.

– Having a backgroundin art and design, I really wanted to use that and design our home, so I worked quite a bit with the floor plan, and so when all is saidand done, I believe that the space will bepretty functional for us.

– ? All right ? – Cody knows design, but this is his first time taking on tiny, so that's where Zack and I come in.

Zack is over at the build site.

It's three hours away in a residential area just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, at our general contractor Mark's backyard, where the house has been framed and sheathed, and now they're going over Cody's plans.

– All right.

So the kitchen's over here.

– Space for a couple stoolsthere.

– And that's, like, a littleship's ladder kind of situation for the staircase.

– Correct.

– The guest bedroomis by the bathroom.

This obviously looks likekind of an office in the loft.

– They'll probably set theircomputer up there.

– How tall is that loft? – About 47 inches maybe.

– That's not even 4 foot.

– Right.

– So to me, to, like, fit in this space, you pretty much got to siton the ground if you actually wantto be able to work.

If we can lower that loft,to me, that's the way to go.

– I agree.

– Cody's overall plan is a good one–it's got two lofts at the opposite endof the trailers: one for sleeping and one for his office.

But in Cody's office, he's gonna be sittingin a chair, working at the desk, and he's gonna needmore headroom than he doesin the sleeping loft, so I think he's gonnalike this adjustment.

Well, sweet.

Let's get to work.

– With the updated plans in place, the crew gets back to the build and turns their attention to the windows, cutting out their frames from the sheathing.

Meanwhile, I'm on my way to meet Cody and Ashleigh at their two-bedroom apartment to find out more about why they've decided to make the leap into tiny living.

– Coming.


– Hey, how's it going, man? – Come on in.

– Yeah, thank you.

Hey, Ash.

Good to finallymeet you in person.

– Thanks for coming over.

– Well, I got to say, it's funny.

I'm always just kind of, like,reading right when I come in.

Pretty neat in here.

– Yeah.

– Did you guys just clean up because I got here?- No, no.

We like to keep it pretty neat,and we're minimalists.

– I actually like that word,minimalists, a lot.

'Cause whether you'rea minimalist or not before you go tiny,you become a minimalist.

You have to.

Minimalists! I love it!I mean, easiest job ever.

You know what,someone tell Zack.

If he needs me,I'll be at the pool, relaxing.

Is that a drink? Is this the space that you guysuse a lot in the house? – This is definitelyan important one.

I mean, you know,we got a comfy area to sit down, and we can relax and visit, and we liketo play music in here.

– Okay.

I noticed the guitarin the corner.

– Yep.

– Is that guitar coming with you? – Yeah.

Ash and I both love music, and I have my grandpa's lovely guitar, and I love it,and I play it regularly.

– There's a lot to see.

Shall we? – Lets do it.

– Back at the build site, Zack and the crew have begun to seal this home from the elements, applying a thermoplastic roof.

– Since the top of thetiny house is relatively flat, we're gonna apply a membrane.

It kind of acts like a plastic shrink wrap.

It's perfect for tiny houses, basically 'cause it'slightweight and durable, and as opposed to shingles, you don't have to worryabout anything flapping around when you're drivingdown the highway.

– And while the roofing continues, down below, the crew is finishing the framing of the interior walls.

– So, here's the kitchen.

– Yeah.

This is– – Pretty tiny.

– I mean, what doesn't workabout this space? Obviously it's pretty tight.

– The problem is, is thatthere's no counter space.

– This is your herb garden?- Yeah.

I'm vegan.

I do all the cooking, so pretty much Cody's vegan,too, by default.

– [laughing]I like that, okay, okay.

Is this something that you do because it's criticalto being a vegan? Like, I don'treally understand.

– Yeah, it's pretty critical.

We use the fresh herbs in all of our cooking, but we'll be movingour house around, so we can't havea garden outside so some sort of garden space.

– Okay.

– But it's inside.

– We've put indoor herb gardensinto tiny houses before.

Actually, I really like itbecause it's a natural element inside the tiny house,which is cool.

It smells good,and, I mean, it's tasty too.

– This is our bedroom.


– Nice room.

Let's talk a little bitabout design.

– On my side of things,I really like– – You're the modern guy.

– I'm the modern guy.

– Yeah.

– You're right.

Clean lines, simple shapes,really simple and refined.

– So I'm more of, like, texturesand patterns and bold colors.

– And I need that to,you know, to spice up my lifea little bit.

– He's very modern, and I lovemore of a bohemian look, so it'll be interesting to see how that all comes together, 'cause I feel like our stylesare very different.

– So why did you decideto go tiny? – For me,it's more I get that home, but we can travel around.

– The mobile aspect of itis appealing to you.

– Yeah.


– It's been years in the making for me.

– Okay.

– It's really been gradual stepsdown and down and down and realizing that I justdon't need all that stuff.

– We want this to beour long-term place.

– I really didn't wantto spend my whole life working nine-to-fivefor years and years and years just to pay offa mortgage for a big house, so I was really excited about spending the money on a house that we could design ourselves.

– There's more rooms.

– Lead on.

Over at the build, the focus has turned to the electrical systems.

Holes have been drilled through the studs, and the tiny house is being wired.

? ? Now the plumbing lines are being run.

? ? – And this is our art room,John.

? ? – Actually, I like these.

Did you do all of these? – Yes, every single oneI've printed by hand.

– Really?- Yep.

– Wow.

And I see toolboxes, books.

Is this a little bitof an overflow room? – A little overflow for sure.

– Not very minimalist of you guys.

– Yeah.

– The old stuff-it-into-the-corner move, huh? I know that move.

– It sneaks up on us.

I could probably showthe other overflow room if you want to see that.

– The other overflow?Yeah.

Well, yeah.

You better show me.

– Come on.

– I should've knownthere was a basement.

There's always a basement.

– There's a basement.

– I've never beeninto a minimalist basement.

– And this here is, you know,our overflow area.

? ? – Umm.

? ? You know,it's not really minimalism if you just stuff everythingdown into the basement.

? ? What happened to my minimalists? There is nothing minimal about this basement.

There goes the pool plans.

Keep the drink.

What is all of this? – So there's somepersonal belongings, but a lot of it ismy art stuff.

It's really a number of years'amount of work down here, and it's gonna bereally difficult for me to get rid of this stuff.

– Here's where, like,I get nervous.

There's no way, obviously, you could have all of this stuffin a tiny house.

There wouldn't be any roomfor you guys.

– Yep.

– I'm curious.

You must've thought of thata little bit.

– A little bit.

– Maybe a little.

– Not enough, not enough.

– Or is that what this room is? That's the thing–you don't haveto think about it.

– Yeah, this isthe out of sight, out of mind, we'll deal with itdown the road, and now we're kind ofat that point right now.

The biggest concern of mineis I have a lot of artwork, and downsizing that stuff is gonna be really difficult for me to do.

– Anything else in here you wantto take? – Yeah.

When I was 16, my grandma bought methis guitar, but I broke it.

– We've basicallysuperglued the head on.

It's not meant to be played.

– What is this?- Just song lyrics.

– Is this an original?- Yeah.

– "This isthe story of my heart.

Don't be surprisedthat it mentions you.

" That's about my first boyfriend.

Like, oh, sorry.

– It doesn't make senseto bring it to the tiny house, but I just–I can't let it go.

– Okay.

I don't want to haveto tell Ashleigh that she can't bring grandma'sbroken guitar into the house.

I'm just glad it's notgrandma's broken piano.

You know what I'm saying? So I thinkI've got a good sense.

I need to go talk with Zack.

Both: All right.

– All right, guys.

Thank you very much.

– All right, thanks, John.

– Nice to meet you.

– All right, we'll see you.


Cody and Ashleigh are leaving their 550-square-foot rental apartment and moving into a 330-square-foot tiny home of their dreams.

Cody put his design skills into action and dreamt up plans for a one-of-a-kind home with a sleek, modern aesthetic, featuring a second floor that tapers down, creating a dramatic outline.

Inside, the tiny home will include a double loft design with ample living space below for both Ashleigh and Cody to live in comfort.

A space-saving ship's ladder will lead from the living room up to Cody's art studio, and now that Zack lowered the loft floor by 6 inches, Cody will have more than enough headroom and comfort to design from home.

To ensure that Ashleigh also feels right at home, we'll want to create a look in the master sleeping loft that will have that bohemian touch she loves.

The first floor will be a mix of both of their styles, showcasing a modern living area with bohemian accents.

Ashleigh has struggled to prepare meals in their cramped big house, so Cody has plannedfor an oversized galley kitchen with ample counters and all modern appliances.

Past the kitchen, a multifunctional bathroom will house a composting toilet, full-size bathtub, and a stackable washer-dryer unit.

Next to the bathroom is a very small guest room the width of a twin-size bed for visitors who want to spend the night.

We'll still have to come up with a creative way to incorporate an indoor garden with fresh herbs to satisfy Ashleigh's green thumb.

The budget for this entire trailer build is $45,000.

? ? Back at the build site, things are shaping up.

The wheel wells are getting insulated to keep the elements out, and the light pine wall panels are being cut to size and are beginning to be hung on the interior of the tiny house, and now I'm checking in with Zack to tell him what I've learned.

There you are.

Hey, how's it going, man? – Good.

How are you doing?- Good.

Just got back from meetingCody and Ashleigh.

They both havethis very artistic sort of sense about them, but he's more of, like,a clean lines, modern guy, and she's more sort of bohemian.

They're minimalists.

– So you don't really haveall that much to do then.

– I'm like, "Yeah,pare down is done.

" Except that it's not, because they've gota couple of trouble areas.

Another thing, though,she had a few pots of, you know, herbs and stufflike that that they cook with, so let's give thema living wall, something that just gives ita little bit of life and green.

– Bring the living elementsinside.

– Yes, to helpsoften up the lines.

Another big thingto think about– they spend a lot of timein the kitchen.

They prepare all their meals, so we need to make surewe are prioritizing that space.

– I mean, have they shown youthe plans that they actually drew up?- No, I haven't seen them.

– Because I was lookingat the plans, and they don't have a whole lotof storage for their kitchen.

They got lower cabinets,but here's the thing.

They also have a 55-gallonwater tank going in.

It's a long kind of skinny tank.

– Okay.

– And they have it rightin the lower cabinets.

It's gonna dominateevery little bit of storage that they gotfor their kitchen.

– You said if it doesn't fit inthe house, we're not taking it.

in this size of a tiny house, but, you know,where it's placed, that's up to the discretionof the builder, so it's backto the drawing board for this tiny house.

[mosquito buzzing] Oh, thank you.

– Sorry.


– Yeah, they're–they're swarming.

I think that this is what we get for coming to Minnesotain the summertime.

– Dude, you're not kidding.

Oh, another one.

– Ah! Sorry.

– Definitely wasn'tone there, was there? – [laughs] – It's day two of the build, and we're making great progress on this tiny house.

The home has been wrapped, and the windows are in, and the dark oak ceiling panels have been installed, and the 55-gallon water tank has been delivered.

While Zack figures out where it can go, I am bringing Ashleigh and Cody over to the build site.

Let's see your house.

[truck doors close] Look at you![laughs] I love how excited you are.

This is great.

– Oh, my God.

– Look at it.

– What do you think?- It looks great.

– Hang on, hang on.

Just soak it in for a second.

– Oh, my gosh.

Walking up to the tiny housefor the first time was absolutely awesome.

– It's huge.

– Do you like it though? – That's great.


– Yes, I love the windows.

– Much different than seeing iton a 2-D computer screen to 3-D, real life.

– Well, let's seeif Zack is inside.

– Okay.

– I mean, I think he's in here.

Zack, look who we got! – Hey there.

– Hi.

– Ashleigh.

Nice to meet you.

– Cody.

– Very nice to meet you.

– Yeah, so here we are.

– Wow.

– What do you think? – It feels good.

– Yeah, right? That's what I like.

– This is beautiful.

We put the two lofts on the very ends of the building, and that left a lot of roomin the middle that's all the wayto the ceiling, so it feels very open.

– And I don't knowif you noticed, but we lowered this whole loft 'cause this is gonna bethe work space up top.

– Right.

– And then down here, I mean, really, this isdominated by a couch.

You're kind of just already going downinto the seat position.

– That's great.

Gain room up there 'cause we're not gonna useall that head height down there.

– Yeah.

– Yeah.

But anyways, I know that you guys weretalking about a living wall.

I think that's great.

You know, this is the space that I really seebeing available for that, and I think it will be perfectfor all your herbs and flowers.

? ? – I'm seeing a look.

What is it about thatthat doesn't sound good? – We envisionednot just plants or flowers but also have thingsthat we could eat.

– Year-round?- Year-round, yeah.

So if we could use thosein our cooking, that would be really wonderful.

– People, you know,do herb garden stuff indoors, but what I'm hearing is that you're wantingthat to go another step.

– Yep.

– I thought this wasan herb garden, and now it really kind of sounds like a farmthat grows vegetables.

– Listen, don't complain.

Just think of thisas an opportunity, 'cause when you figure this out, and you pull it off, dude,bragging rights.

You got this.

– Yeah, we can put effortinto taking that to the next step for sure.

– That would be great.

– But let's not gettotally hung up on that 'cause there's stilla lot of house to see.

– Yep.

– In terms of the kitchen, you know,you got your kitchen island, which is also gonna bekind of your dining room table, and it comes over an L,Silestone countertops.

You got your sinkkind of centered by the window, and then the cabinetsunderneath, because of these windows,I mean, really that is your storagefor your kitchen.

– Yeah.

– And there was a big issue, because you guys havea 55-gallon water tank, and that's, like–literally, it was gonna take up every square inch of whatyour usable space would be.

– Yeah.

– Mm-hmm.

– So I'm thinking that we can put the water tankin the guest room, so you can fit the tankunderneath the bed.

Maybe we can have kind of a,like, trundle storage that slides out, and then you haveall that access.

– Well, that would bea good one function.

We really feel likea multifunctional space would be better.

– Like, you don't want thisto be just a bedroom.

both: Right.

– Maybe a space to play music would be good in there.

– Is that kind of whatyou were thinking? Like, this is a music roomas well? – Yep.

– Don't give me that look.

– This barely fits a bed, right? Now it needs to be a music room, and we got to find a new place for the water tank.

– You're the expert,right, buddy? 55-gallon water tankhas to go somewhere.

– How abouta 55-gallon waterbed? – [laughs]- Well.

that's a legitimate idea.

– Oh, God,you were joking, right? 'Cause Zack will makea 55-gallon waterbed.

You have to be very carefulwhat you suggest.

That's pretty funny.

All right, let's go, guys.

? ? Since Cody and Ashleigh dream of a home that's modern and minimal, we're heading across the Pacific to Honolulu, Hawaii, to check out the retreat for inspiration.

This 650-square-foot tiny home was built right into the forest overlooking Manoa Valley, and its modern appearance offers a striking contrast to its natural surroundings.

Inside, polished concrete floors tie the look together, and you can take in the spectacular views while lounging on the mid-century modern furniture.

This tiny masterpiece also includes an extremely minimal but functional kitchen.

While this kitchen may seem small to the naked eye, it incorporates floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that can store all of your cookware and pantry needs.

This contemporary floor plan also includes an intimate and simple bedroom big enough for a queen-size bed, and a functional, up-to-date bathroom.

With its efficient use of space, the retreat is contemporary but not cluttered.

It's a place that any minimalist would love to call home, especially in Hawaii.

It's day three of the build, and this tiny house is shaping up.

The front door is being framed and hung, and inside, the white shaker kitchen cabinetry has been installed, and the in-floor radiant heating is being run.

Over in the bathroom, the subway tiles for the shower have been grouted, and the floor has been laid with extra-large slate-gray field tiles.

In the meantime, Zack's come up with a clever solution that will allow Cody and Ashleigh to grow vegetables in their tiny home all year long.

– I'm calling itthe industrial salad station.

It's gonna be three planter boxes that are gonna be stackedvertically on the kitchen wall.

Each planter box will have a fluorescent light placed in the bottomof the box, so it will shine downon the plants below, helping them to grow.

For a water source, I'm gonna do a drip irrigation system that links all three of the boxes.

There will be a basin filled with water that's below the planter boxes that has a pump that feeds waterup to the top box.

The top box drains into the one below that and so on, all the way to the water tank, and the drip system keeps all the plants nice and hydrated.

Not only is this gonna be really functional, but it's gonna givea really nice natural aestheticto Cody and Ashleigh's home.

– With his plans in place, the crew gets right to work constructing the planter boxes for Zack's industrial salad station, and I'm on my way to the build site to check in on the progress.

What's up, buddy? – I got something to show you.

– A box.

– It's not just a box.

All right, so we got somenice-looking planter boxes.

– Yep.

– And there'll be a drain hole.

You'll be able to water itwith a drip system on this wall back here.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

– I'm gonna have threeof these mounted up the back of the wall,all the way up.

And you'll notice there's a relief in the bottom.

– Yeah.

– And that's wherethe lights go.

– Yeah, okay.

– This is what is gonna beso cool about it.

I'm gonna throw this pretty tileon the back of the salad stationto waterproof it.

– I think it's gonnalook so good.

There's no doubtthat they're gonna love it.

? ? We've barely started,and this is 3/4 ofuse is really coming together.

In the bathroom, Zack has hung whitewashed pine paneling, and the composting toilet has arrived, and dark oak laminate flooring has been laid in the living area and the loft.

Outside, the crew is continuingto work on Zack's one-of-a-kind industrial salad station by installing support pipes to the back wall which will hold the planter boxes in place.

? ? And now I'm checking in with Zack.

Cody wanted the very tiny guest room to also be a music space, and I'm just hoping we can come up with a solution.

What I'm concerned aboutis what's now the multifunctional room.

– Yeah.

– That was gonna be a bed with just the water tankin there.

– I think it's gonna bea good solution to put the water tankunder the stairs.

It might lift upthe refrigerator, but honestly,I think it's okay.

– So we get rid of the watertank, but what about the bed? Is it gonna be a hideawaylike a Murphy bed or something? – I do think I have a solution,and it's not a Murphy bed.

You know, Murphy bed is this.

– Yeah.

– I'm talking this.

– Whoo.

What is this? – This–what are you doing? No, I'm trying to show you.

This– – Sorry, it seems likea high-five.

– Murphy beds normallystow away in cabinets when they're not in use,but this room is only 3 feet wide,and that would take up pretty much all the usable space, so I've come upwith what I think is a pretty coolalternative solution.

Hold that.

Let me show you.

So, this is a bench seat.

– Yeah.

– And this goesin the back of that room, and so instead of folding downfrom the side, it just folds down–chink, chink– and there's a mattresson the backside.

– It rolls out.

– Yeah.

– It makes the space multifunctional,which is perfect.

But we've gotto build it, right? – Yeah.

We got a lot to do actually.

– Zack's ingenious convertible bed-bench solution frees up valuable space in the tiny room while also providing seating for guitar play.

With that figured out, Zack gets busy framing up the bench portion of his ingenious design, and I'm heading to meet Cody and Ashleigh at their big house.

It's time to have them downsize their possessions, garden-style.

– Hi.

Come on in.

– Hi! I brought gifts.

– All right.

– How's it going, Cody? – Hi, John.

– Recognize these? both: Planters?- Yes, planters.

This is roughlythe amount of space you're gonna havefor your clothes, as far as the kitchen,sentimental items, so we have some work to do.

– I didn't think they werehuge planters, and in fact, I thought that was maybejust for one room, not our entire house.

– There's gonna besome tough decisions.

Let's dive right in, and I thinkwe start in the kitchen, okay? – Do it.

– All right.

? ? – Do we want five of them? ? ? And then these ones.

These are betterfor salads and things.

More bowls.

– That's so many bowls.

We already got eight bowls.

– But I love them.

– [laughs] – Enough to bring all of them? – I like that Codyis playing the bad cop already.

Usually this is my partthat I have to do, but we still have a lot of stuffto get into the house.

– We do.

– Yeah.

– Bedroom.

– I feel like at first it was harder for usto start paring down, but then we started makingthese quick decisions and just kind of goingwith our gut what we knew we really needed.

Yeah, that one.

I like that one.

We don't need these? – No.

– I think that should be good.

– I mean, it doesn't feellike you guys grabbed a lot, but look how quicklyit fills up.

– Yeah.

– Right.

– Back at the build site, the crew is hard at work.

Zack's clever convertible bed-bench has been attached to its hinges and is now being stained, and a low-profile air conditioning system is being hooked up.

The white Silestone counters are being cut to size and attached to their cabinets in the kitchen, while outside, WoodHaven Log & Lumber faux barn wood siding is being hung on the back of the tiny house.

– You guys are pretty goodwith it going vertical? – You can install it either way,vertically or horizontally.

– Typically, horizontal sidingis done with an overlap, and that prevents waterfrom seeping to the backside, which is importantif you want to prevent mold and rot of the framing.

If you actually take the sidingand turn it vertically, there's a lot of gaps wherewater can get into the back, but this isa manufactured product that goes togetherwith a tongue and groove, which is greatfor preventing water to get to the backside.

Well, I appreciate it.

– You're welcome.

– Not a problem.

– See you, guys.

– Let's keep this momentum.

– Yeah.

– All right.

– Ohh! – All right, good.

All right! Okay, well, this isthe easy part.

I'm kidding.

– So, all of this into.

– Yeah.

– This thing?- Yeah.

You got your shrink ray? Let's start with what we knowis definitely coming.


And we're full, okay.

I mean, you seethe inherent problem with a broken guitarthat's this big.

? ? – I know it sounds silly,but I want to bring it into the tiny house.

It's something that my grandma got for me when I was 16, and I have great memoriesplaying it.

– I understandthe sentimental value, so we'll take it for now.

– Okay.

– But as for Cody's art, what's the grand schemefor all of this equipment and stuff that you have? – I wish I had one.

– I'm a little bit stumped.

? ? – I see you bitingyour lip there.

– The whole time we weretalking about going tiny, you said if it doesn't fit inthe house, we're not taking it.

– What is it that's trulyimportant to you? – Maybe just take the newer work that I've producedand keep that.

The old stuff maybe my parentsmight have a little bit of room for the time being.

The toughest thing for meto pare down was for sure my art stuff because it's been a number of years in the making to have that body of work.

– Would you be okay with that?- I think I can live with that.

– I always say let's notconcentrate on what we're getting rid of,but what we're gaining.

The mobile aspect of itis appealing to you.

All these that you guys havesaid to me are very important.


– Take the newest pieces? – Yeah, let's moveforward with that.

? ? – Okay.

Well, pretty full.

Between this, the computer,and the art bag– – Right, and the guitarbehind you as well.

– All right.

Good, good.

Only other thing I'm thinking,I'm thinking about your guitar.

And I understand that thereis sentimental value to it, and that's important.

If I can get Zack to dosomething cool with it, I would feel much better.

Do you feel comfortable sort ofletting the mad scientist that is Zackhave a crack at this? – I think that sounds great.

I think that'sa great compromise.

– Well, I will say this.

I am real proud of you guys.

– It was harder than I thought.

– Okay.

– These pots seemed big, but once we startedputting stuff in them, they got real small.

It was very deceiving.

– Yeah, well, I mean, honestly, that's kind of howtiny living is.

It took some work,but now I can truly say that Ashleigh and Codyare actual minimalists.

Okay, good job, guys.

– Bye.

– Thanks, John.

– Over at the build site, the interior is getting a fresh coat of white paint, and the ship's ladderfor Cody's loft has been built, and under the master loft stairs, the refrigerator has been installed on a raised platform over the water tank.

Outside, the focus has turned to Zack's industrial salad station.

A waterproofing agent has been applied to the supporting back wall and is now being decorated with faux stone tiles.

Now that Zack has created more livable space in the guest room with his convertible bed-bench idea, he's come up with a simple but elegant way to add more functionality for when Cody or Ashleigh want to play guitar.

His idea is, of course, tiny and dual-purpose.

– I'm calling itthe guitar stool stand.

The top of the stoolis cut diagonally with a hinge, so that one of the legs can flip up, turning it into the stand.

Cody can leave his guitar there when he's not using it, and when he's ready to play,pulls off the guitar, the leg flips back down,it's a stool again, and he's ready to jam out.

? ? – It's day five, and this tiny house has come a long way.

The vertical faux barn wood siding is almost finished being hung, while over in the kitchen, the industrial salad station has been moved into place.

[drill whirring] Outside, Zack's convertible guitar stand stool has been stained and has gotten a decorative musical note inlay.

With that done, Zack, Cody, and I have decided to repurpose Ashleigh's broken guitar.

We're taking off the face and adding shelves to turn it into a display case for the music room.

Is Ash gonna like it? – You know, I think Ashis gonna love that it still reminds herof her grandma, and now it's functional.

– Awesome, Cody.

– Thanks, Zack.

Appreciate it.

– That was so much fun.

– There are many creative ways to repurpose old guitars to give your space a musical flair.

Need someplace to store your keys? This guitar-neck key rack might just fit the bill.

If you're looking for some illumination, consider this electric guitar lamp.

For the music fan looking to add a special touch to their living room, check out these one-of-a-kind sculptural coffee tables made from old guitar bodies.

When it comes to repurposing old guitars for use in your tiny space, with a little creativity, anything is possible.

Now it's time to get this tiny house on the road.

Cody and Ashleigh are moving it to a friend's property nearby until they decide where to move it next.

Let's go.

[engine turns over] – Is it gonna come off the curb?- I mean, it's gonna come off the curba little bit.

That tire's in the air.

There we go.

– All right.

– Let's do it.

– It feels greatto get on the road.

? ? [thunder rumbling] [tense music] ? ? – Boy, something'sfeeling kind of funny, guys.

– What do you mean?The trailer or what? – I think we'd better pull over.

? ? – The last thingthat you want to hear when you're pullinga tiny house is, "Oh, crap,we have to pull over.

" – Let's check it out.

? ? – Okay.

Honestly, I don't– it looks fine here,you guys.

– Oh, [bleep].

It's all flat.

[air hissing] Can you hear it? – Oh, I can.

– It's leaking.

– Ugh! – It might've happenedgoing over that curb.

– Yeah.

– How do you even changea tire on a house? ? ? I just can't believethat we have a flat effing tire.

How do you even changea tire on a house? – Honestly, what I'm thinkingis, we drive it up on blocks, drive two tires up,leave the third one hanging.

I don't suppose you gota spare tire for this trailer.

– I don't.

– Man, this is not what we needed right now.

– Hey, Dewey.

We're, like, I don't know, about a milefrom the build site.

We need to get a new tire.

So, while I call back to the build site to try and round up a spare tire, I'm starting to realizewe've never actually had to jack up a tiny house before, and it's not an easy thingto do, so what Zack's gonna do, he's gonna build a little platform out of 2x4s.

We're gonna drive the trailer up on it, except for the last wheel.

That's good right there.

And then that's all we can dountil we get a spare tire.

? ? Attaboy!- Whoo! – Tell me you got a tire.

– I got a tire.

What do you think? – I think this'll work.

? ? Good?- Good to go.

– Sheesh.

Okay, no more hiccups.

Can we all agree to this? ? ? – ? Whoa-oh-oh whoa-oh-oh ? – Let's just guide you in here.

Keep coming.

Keep coming.

Keep coming.

Give it some gas.

Give it some gas.

And whoa.

– Yeah.

– [laughing] That was easy.

Oh, my gosh! ? ? It's day six, and with the house in place, Zack and the crew are taking care of the last finishing touches before I bring Cody and Ashleigh over to see their brand-new tiny dream home for the first time.

The couple's guest room is getting ready for show time as Zack's convertible bench-bed and guitar stool stand are put into place, and decorative items are being added to grandma's incredible repurposed guitar shelf.

While Zack handles that, the crew is busy installing a sleek and modern ceiling fan and fastening the hardware for the custom kitchen cabinets.

One week ago, we arrived in La Crosse, Wisconsin, to help Cody and Ashleigh build the 330-square-foot tiny home of their dreams.

Cody designed this home with a modern, minimalist vibe so that he and Ashleigh could take it with them wherever they want, and it's just about to hit the road.

Cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables was a must for Ashleigh, and Zack was able to bring the outdoors in with his first-ever tiny house farm.

This couple wanted the guest room to double as a place to play music, and Zack knocked it out of the park with his convertible bench-bed and guitar stool stand.

When pare-down was over, this couple became true minimalists, and with Cody's help, we repurposed Ashleigh's sentimental guitar into a one-of-a-kind shelf.

Now it's time to welcome Cody and Ashleigh to the tiny-house community.

– This is it–what we've been waiting for.

Come on, step on it.

[all laugh] – Oh!- [gasps] Oh, my gosh.

? ? Aah! – Oh, man.

? ? – I love the lights.

– That's great.

– It looks so great.

– Oh, it's beautiful.

The vertical siding,all the colors, the windows, the plant life,and the beautiful backdrop, it all just looksso good together.

? ? – You want to go insideand see it? – Can we?- Yeah, go for it.

– Ready.


? ? Whoa!- Oh, my gosh.

? ? Wow.

– Is this our place? There's too much to lookat at one time.

– They did a great job.

Oh, it's perfect.

Ahh! – Wow, it's a killer bathroom.

– So pretty.

That's kind of both bohemianand kind of premodern.

– Yep.

Huge kitchen.

Got all this counter spaceover here, here, here.

– I'm ready to cook.

I can't believethis is our house.

– I know.

I cannot believe it either.

– Oh, my gosh, our couch!- Wow, this is a nice space too.

– Oh, my gosh.

– What do you think's going onwith this thing? – I have no idea.


Oh, we haven't been upto the bedroom yet.

Look at this–the ladder.

? ? Oh, I love it.

Oh, my gosh, I love it.

I think this is my favorite.

– So cozy.

– Oh, look at this.

– That's a beautiful shelf.

– It's so pretty.

I love it.

I love the colors.

I love all the greenery.

It's our home.

– Yeah.

– Hello, hello.

– Hey! – Oh, there you are.

– I like to see that you can already navigatethe stairs no problem.

– Oh, yeah, she's got it.

She's got it.

So what do you guys think? – We love it.

It is beyond anythingI could've dreamed.

– Yeah, it's beautiful.

– What do you think about whatyou're leaning on right now.

– This is amazing.

– Wow.

– Which is part of yourexpanded grown-up kitchen? – This feels massive,and I love the countertops too.

They're beautiful.

– Shall we see some more? – Let's.

Let's do that.

– Yeah.

– Let's head upstairs.

– All right.

We love it up here.

– So, the whole thingwith your guys' house from a stylistic standpoint– that modern and that bohemian, and finding that mix, this is not the modern partof the house.

This is definitely the colorful,the whimsical, the bohemian part–do you feel that? – That's whyI love it up here so much.

This is my favorite roomfor sure.

– It's not too much for you?It still feels comfortable? Enough like your room,not just Ashleigh's room? – Yup, still reallycomfortable for me too.

– Okay, more to see.

Shall we?- All right.

? ? – I want to goto the music room.

This was a challenge for us.

Go on in.

What we thought was a bedroom really turned intoa multifunctional room, and in order to accomplish that,it meant getting creative, and when it's timeto get creative, that's when I hand itover to Zack.

– This is the music room.

We actually adjustedgrandma's guitar quite a bit, but it was really Codythat kind of came in and gave us permission to,I mean, alter the guitar.

– It looks great.

I love it.

Seeing my broken guitaron the wall was so exciting.

The fact that I didn't have to leave it behind, and we got to bring it into the tiny house, and Cody got to help make it into a shelf was really,really special.

– And we needed a placefor Cody's guitar, and I just wanted to dosomething special for it, you know, put it on display, and so that's whyI built the stand, but at the same time,there's no room in a tiny housefor just a guitar stand.

So, how this works,you flip the hook.

You can lift it out.

Now you just fold itright back down, and it becomes a guitar stool.

And now here you go.

– Oh, cool.

– You got a little stool.

– Yup.

– Now you're ready to play.

[bell dinging] – Wow.

– But this also neededto be a guest room.

We need you out herefor that part, so come on out.

All right.

– What we needed to dowith this space was turn it into a guest room.

And so grab the handles.

? ? – You have your pillowsright into the back here and then grab the handles.

It pulls out and bring itall the way down to the floor.

– Ah! That's awesome.

– And you just have a mattress that just follows it out.

– Perfect.

– Wow.

– And then you just jump in.

– Yeah.

– This seems likea great place for a nap.

[laughter] You know, tour the house.

I'll be right here.

– Hey, I want to trythat thing out.

– Yeah, get in there.

– Woo-hoo.

– Ahh! Yeah.

Come on, babe.

– What do you guys think? – Yeah.

– Yeah, this is great.

I love it.

I love it as a bench,and I love it as a bed.

This is perfect.

– I can't there's believethere's so many functions in this small of a room–totally nailed it.

– When we did the walk-throughthe first time, I just didn't think that tiny room was going to be functional, and now it's got so many uses, and then you can play your music.

– Let's go up to what I'mcalling the man nook.

I'm not really sure if that'show it's gonna stay, but.

– No, this is the office.

– The man nook office.

? ? How does it feel up here? – It feels good, yeah.

Got a nice space to work here.

I mean, I can sit up.

I have some storage behind me, so lots of good functionup here.

– Kind of a cool viewfrom up here.

– Yeah, it is.

You canreally see the whole space and feel how big it is.

– Yeah, and you geta good view of this.

? ? – Yeah, what is this thing? – I mean,it's time we talk about the most striking elementin the whole house.

– This is what I've beenreferring to as the industrialsalad station.

? ? – Tell us about it.

– Yeah.

[laughter] – Having a salad garden that's actually gonna produceisn't really realistic unless you kind of give itsome help, and by help,I mean lights and irrigation.

So what we needed was,you needed a drip system so that you don't haveto constantly maintain it.

So you'll see the waterwill drain into one pipe, and it will drain all the waydown, back into the tub.

– I love the sound of it.

It's so cool.

I love it.

I think this winter,when it's cold outside, this is just gonnamake us so happy.

– Yeah, it's a beautiful,functional piece of art and a functional pieceof greenery and a functional pieceof eatery, so it's awesome.

– Does this deliver on morethan a hanging garden? – This is beyond.

This is great.

This is perfect.

The industrial salad stationis amazing.

– Take a bite.

? ? – I can access it easily,but it can be up on the wall and utilize that vertical space.

? ? – Now, looking at itin completion, does it feel like home? Does it feel likewe were able to deliver on what those asks werefrom you? – You ticked off all the boxesfor sure.

– Yeah, 110% at least.

– Well, at this point, there'sonly one last thing to do.

Let's make it official and welcome you guysto the tiny-house community.

Boom!Congratulations! – Thanks, Zack.

I did have a lot of initialplanning in the house.

I knew that Zack would takethe whole thing to the next level, and it totally happened.

The place isjust incredible, and way more than I could've ever dreamed of.

– They've given us a placeto live and call home for a long, long time to come.

– Bye.

– Bye.

– Bye, you guys.

– Yeah.

– Nice.

? ? It's been three weeks since Cody and Ashleigh moved into their tiny, minimalist dream home.

They've since relocated to a friend's plot of land in Hokah, a rural town in Minnesota.

Have they adapted to tiny living and farming indoors? We're headed there to find out.

– We've moved our home one time, and we're out on a farm here.

– And we love all the farm animals, especially the alpacas and the chickens.

Cody has built a deckout of reclaimed materials.

Because we're on a farm, it's definitely very muddy, and it's nice to be off the ground and have a spacethat we can hang out outside.

Never have enough basil.

– Never.

– Or sage.

The industrial salad station has been amazing.

– Yes.

So good.

– It's just been so easy.

I can just take two steps and snip somesuper-delicious herbs.

– The home office studio space has been really nice.

I definitely have been using it some.

We use it, of course, for the computer, but even for movies and hanging out too.

It sure is a coolstool/guitar holder.

The whole multifunctional guest room is just absolutely awesome.

– Can you make the bed for me?- I can make the bed.

? ? The bed and the bench is absolutely beautifullymade and crafted.

Come on in! ? ? – I think we've continuedthe minimalist lifestyle.

We did a really good job minimalizing our things because we actually haven't even used all the storage that we have.

We can't even fill up our tiny house, so I think that's a reallygood problem that we have.

– This tiny house is going to do a number of things for us.

It's going to allow us to save our money, travel some more, and hopefully dreamfor big things in our future.

? ?.