Durango – Colorado Camping Cabins


The Durango Camping Cabin is that quintessential small mountain cabin with a front porch that you can spend many hours enjoying. It looks especially good in Board & Batt or Log siding. There is nothing like a set of chairs on the front porch where you can enjoy a beverage and watch the sunset, just imagine that!

The Durango has a wider 8 foot porch giving you more outdoor space so that you aren’t so crowded. And all porches and porch decks are built and completed on site. We love this design but it just isn’t as portable as most of our other models. In fact most of these, depending on size, will have to be built on site depending on access, height concerns and local restrictions.

Features & Construction

Ranch Style Roof
8′ porch with 4×4 porch supports
One Metal Insulated Entry Door
Three 3×3′ Double Pane Vinyl Windows w/screens
Sidewalls 9 feet
Insulated Floor
2×6 roof rafters 16″ on center
2×4 Wall Studs and Floor Joists 16″ on center
5/8″ Plywood Flooring
1/2″ Plywood Roof Decking
29 Gauge Metal Roofing
Interiors are unfinished
Pressure Treated Skids
Painted or Stained Exterior Finishes


All Durango Camping Cabins include an 8 foot porch on the front side instead of the end like the Pioneer, Homesteader and Backwoods models. The porches for the Durango model are built and installed on site as they can not be transported on the cabin. Not all sizes can be delivered because of height issues since the sidewalls are 9 feet plus the 8/12 roof pitch just makes it too tall to transport. Our crew will build the majority of these Durango models on site depending on location and local regulations. Contact us about your location.

Durango Pricing

Overall SizeInterior SizeT-111 SidingBoard & Batt SidingLog Siding
20 x 1612 x 16$8,314.00$9,580.00$9,947.00
20 x 2012 x 20$9,916.00$11,424.00$11,863.00
20 x 2412 x 24$11,338.00$13,091.00$13,588.00
20 x 2812 x 28$12,980.00$14,921.00$15,488.00
20 x 3212 x 32$14,502.00$16,656.00$17,286.00
20 x 3612 x 36$16,124.00$18,514.00$19,217.00
22 x 2014 x 20$10,942.00$12,631.00$13,126.00
22 x 2414 x 24$12,284.00$14,189.00$14,748.00
22 x 2814 x 28$13,986.00$16,206.00$16,862.00
22 x 3214 x 32$15,648.00$18,075.00$18,792.00
22 x 3614 x 36$17,520.00$20,199.00$20,992.00

Plus add any applicable Local and State Tax and Delivery.

Want a size not listed here? We can build custom sizes up to 40 feet long in length.

Note: Prices are subject to change on certain options, addon’s and material without notice on this webpage although we will do our best to keep this site updated with correct pricing, some pricing changes is out of our control.

On Site Construction

The Price above includes completing the porch and deck on site. If your Durango camping cabin needs to be built on site, and local regulations will allow it, there is a $300 per day fee for on site construction in our service area in Southern Colorado. Most Durango’s can be built in one day but larger models will require two days. The delivery fee of $2.50 per mile one way will be charged in addition to the daily on site fee.

Additional Options

All of our Camping Cabins can be customized with additional options if you choose. Here are some of our available upgrades and options. Contact us for pricing for any options that you might be considering.

Log Porch Railing
Loft for Storage or Sleeping
Door Glass Half or Full
Trapezoid Windows
Choice of T-111, Board and Batt and Log Siding
Additional Windows
Insulated Interior
Wall Paneling, pine or aspen tongue & groove or Drywall
Basic Electrical
Plumbing not available


Delivery is figured one way at $2.50 per mile one way, from our facility just west of Alamosa. Plus any additional charges for Pilot Cars which may be needed depending on the cabin size and where it is being delivered. Our Camping Cabins can be delivered to most places in Colorado and Northern New Mexico. If you live outside this area delivery may be possible on a case by case basis.

All delivery pricing will be figured when you order your cabin so there will be no surprises. Most of our Camping Cabins, depending on the schedule can be built and delivered within 2-3 weeks. Summer months can be extremely busy so expect some longer delivery times and we should know more about scheduling when you place your order. Weather is also a factor and it is important to have good dry access roads and cabin site when delivering.

Site Preparation

Preparation of your site is probably the most important thing that you can do before your cabin is delivered. Please read this page about how to prepare the site for your camping cabin: Site Preparation

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of 25% is required to start construction of your Colorado Camping Cabin and the balance is due upon delivery. If there is a delay in the delivery due to weather or any other delays then an additional 50% is due upon completion of construction with the final 25% due upon delivery. Accepted payment is cash, money order, cashiers check or accepted credit cards.

To Place Your Order

Just decide what size camping cabin and which siding works best for you. Then send us an email or give us a call at 1-719-298-3400 so that we can discuss any other options and upgrades such as extra windows, sleeping loft etc that you might want included. Then we will work up an estimate for you. At this time will also discuss your building site and any access issues and if need be we can schedule a time to view your site, property and access to make sure that we won’t have any delivery concerns.