Camping Cabins

What are Camping Cabins?

Camping Cabins are small portable cabins perfect for those weekend getaways to your Mountain Property to get you out of the elements. Most Counties require that you have at least 600-680 sq feet built on a permanent foundation before you can install plumbing for a kitchen or bath so a Camping Cabin is the perfect solution for enjoying your property for short periods of time.

Our Portable Cabins

Most of our Camping Cabins come with unfinished interiors that you can complete as your expenses and time allows but we also can customize it to suit your needs.

The Homesteader Camping Cabin The Backwoods Camping Cabin
The Pioneer Camping Cabin The Durango Camping Cabin

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A Camping Cabin fills that void between camping in a tent and building a permanent structure.

The Camping Cabins are built in our facility and then transported to your property and can usually be built and delivered in 2-3 weeks, depending on our current schedule. They are built on long lasting pressure treated skids and delivered on our specially designed trailer so that we can put them in most any easy to access location on your property. You prepare your site and we will deliver your new camping cabin so that you will be enjoying it before you know it.

As you are checking out our options keep in mind that these are for the most part suggestions and we will work with you to design and customize your new Camping Cabin so that it fits your lifestyle and needs. We can do almost anything and will let you know if we can’t do something. So if you want a window on one wall or an extra door or a built in set of bunk beds we can do that too… dare to dream a bit and design your own little special mountain cabin.

Contact us anytime by phone at 719-941-9919 or email us using our contact form for more specific information. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks for visiting with us at Colorado Camping Cabins!